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Terms and Conditions for Students

Terms & Conditions

UnigoLearn Offers a standard schedule of 3 sessions a week and 12 sessions a month against the fee charged to the students. However, we offer multiple schedules mentioned in the schedule section. The payments are always upfront and collected in Pounds/US/Cad Dollars. After 12 sessions with a teacher, the parents receive an invoice known as the recurring dues.

The system generates the invoice automatically on the completion of 12 sessions of the students within a month in the system. The due date of the invoice is considered the date of signup. The company accepts enrollments throughout the month, whereas the signups from the 20th till the end of the month will be allocated with a due date 20th of the following month for recurring dues.

Makeover class is the compensation for the missed class in case of teacher absence or unavailability for class. The student will be informed by the support center of Your Cloud Campus about the unavailability before the regular time.

Freeze policy is for students who need a break up till 4 months. The Freeze policy of the company allows student to connect back on the same schedule or the schedule of their choice after their break with the same fee structure.

To avail of this opportunity, the parents of the students need to pay the full fee before they leave for the break from the company services and need to inform the company one week before joining back. The charge will be held for classes beginning after the break. Once the outstanding sessions are total, then the fee will be due. It is not an additional fee; it is just as the student is paying us for the classes, He/She will take after the break to reserve the schedule.

A partial payment for freezing the session is only accepted in case the student has availed 6 or less sessions after the due date and need a break.

The set least enrollment of the understudy in UnigoLearn is 12 sessions in a month. In like manner, instructors take a formal test of the understudy in the 6th session of all the points secured in the first 5 sessions and in the last session of all the points secured in the month. Instructors yield the report of the test to their assigned academic managers.

A monthly report of the understudy is sent to the guardians after the completion of the sessions enlisted alongside the invoice from Unigolearn. The report covers the learning capacity of the understudies, their behavior within the classroom, reliability or participation, and the course secured in that specific months.

School consultation by parents is also required to see progress/grades improvement and session plannings.

An automated invoice is generated from our management system which is payable from any debit/credit card. The payer needs to click on the pay now button on the invoice. It will connect you to a page, where you can put your debit/credit card details and proceed.

Unigolearn always offers a tried-and-true payment method. As it is integrated with our management system, adherence to the company’s provided payment option is always required

UnigoLearn emphasizes excellence and knowledge dissemination. We provide our clients with a market competitive charge that does not allow for any concessions in regular sessions.As for discounts, we offer 40% off class vouchers for any subject of interest to the referral party 

Discontinuation from any service features a substantial reason. In case of discontinuation of the company services, the student/Parent must provide one-month prior notice and a legitimate reason.

The company offers multiple schedules for the ease of our students. Committing to our set schedule means that the students attend on the time slot designated to them during the week, and they may not change the time slot given without consulting the management team at UnigoLearn.

The student has to opt between Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday or Thursday, Friday, and Saturday as per their convenience.

Following are the available schedules we offer.

•        3 days a week Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday or Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

•        5 days a week Monday to Friday

•        6 days a week Monday to Saturday

•        2 days a week any two days from Monday Tuesday and Wednesday or Thursday Friday and Saturday.

One student can avail multiple schedules as per the requirement and time.

Unigolearn is open for six days a week. Our classes begin strongly at the beginning of every hour. Students must click on the start session within the student’s portal at the precise time. Delay from the student’s end won’t be compensated with overtime. The understudy has to connect on time to total the lesson which closes at 55mins of each hour. Our classes are 55 minutes classes which are alluded to as SESSIONS with no break within the center.

The set time duration of the Quran Class is 27 mins with no break within the center.

Yes, we are well-versed with all the curriculums of the international institutes and their academic boards. You can check your educational boards and other boards we follow on our website. Our teachers are trained for the boards mentioned on our websites and fulfilling the student requirements with complete satisfaction.

We are in this domain for the last 10 years. We are already providing academic help to the students of your country. Our digital library is well-equipped with the syllabus and curriculum of the educational board. We have a separate department handling and researching for a long time on the syllabus and teaching styles your country follows.

All our teachers are based in Pakistan and are well qualified from the recognized institutes of Pakistan. They are not just hired based on subject knowledge but our quality department train and test them before making them appear in front of the student.


We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service while offering our employees the best training.

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