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Statistics is the study of information processing, organization, analysis, perception and presentation. It is constructed out of the field of probability known as mathematics. Probability provides us with a way of assessing how likely an incident is to happen. It also provides us with a way of learning about randomness.

In all fields of scientific study, such as psychology, economics, medicine, advertisement, demography and many others, it can be used. The statistical course will teach students the fundamental principles of logic, statistics, statistical reasoning, data analysis, data assessment, and methods of study.

By doing activities such as solving problems in a wide range of fields and applying mathematical and statistical expertise to social and economic problems, one can find a career in the statistical profession. In a broad range of fields, professions that integrate statistics can be found. Here are a few examples of places where statistics are used, Agriculture, business, manufacturing, informatics, health sciences, public, private, research and other disciplines

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